About Slatwall


The foundational pieces you use to display merchandise in your retail location naturally have to offer high value in terms of function and versatility, but you also want store décor that supports your brand imaging and helps to create a positive shopping experience. The right slatwall solutions not only provide the option to utilize vertical space, significantly expanding display opportunities, but they also elevate the appearance of your store, contributing to the overall consumer experience.Tebo offers a wide range of slatwall options for retail stores, including panels in a range of attractive colors, patterns, and finishes, as well as versatile display accessories like hooks, shelving, baskets, boxes, bins, waterfalls, cap racks, literature holders, picture hooks, and more. No matter how you want to use wall space in your shop, our slatwall solutions can help you to achieve your goals with ease and sophistication, and do so with competitive rates that work with your budget.

Perhaps you like the clean look of bright white slatwall panels to display kitchen accessories, or maybe you prefer the rustic appeal of textured pine as a backdrop for clothing or housewares, or the modern appearance of brushed aluminum for your electronics displays. Tebo has the perfect slatwall panels for any retail operation, with choices ranging from traditional to contemporary styling.

Slatwalls offer you the opportunity to build versatile displays that are easy to reconfigure, and they can be scaled up or down as needed, depending on inventory volume, seasonal demands, and so on. They also provide an eye-catching means of adding function to your retail space, elevating the impact on consumers and creating a more enjoyable shopping experience.

The Versatility of Slatwall

Since their inception in the 1960s, slatwall fixtures have become present almost everywhere in retailing. Slatwall is one of the most popular types of systems for organizing and displaying retail merchandise for a reason: It provides an infinitely variable system that continues to be surprisingly versatile over time. Its wide applicability has made Tebo a leading vendor of slatwall merchandising supplies.

Usually made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) and finished in melamine, wood veneer or laminate, slatwall panels are grooved with horizontal slots that accept a wide variety of accessories for displaying retail goods. Slatwall maximizes merchandising space by displaying on the vertical spaces in your store. Because of their modular capability, slatwall can go quite high, which is great for openly displaying merchandise and enabling flexibility in the style of your store design.

Totally Customizable

The many ways to use slatwall in a retail environment are only limited by your imagination. Once you know your customer and how to appeal to them, you can insert mirrors, signs, shelves and other devices to make an interesting, interactive space that intrigues the visitors at your store. You keep shoppers engaged longer, and that in turn drives more sales.

With slatwall fixtures, even if your usual lines of merchandise don’t change much, it’s easy to present an ever-changing environment. Display accessories are easy to remove and relocate to create a fresh and exciting look, time and time again. When your regular customers visit, your establishment can look like a new store each time!

Those Clever Accessories

The wide array of available slatwall accessories makes your displays endlessly configurable. Is a particular setup not getting you the sales results you seek? Try another! The versatility of slatwall is your chance to be creative and try new arrangements that attract the consumer’s eye.

  1. Shelves. Metal shelf brackets can support wood or MDF shelves of varying depths to display all kinds of merchandise. Some types of wire shelves fit the slatwall without additional support.
  2. Hooks. Metal hooks of varying lengths, made with an angled tip, keep blister packs and other small items secure and tidy.
  3. Picture hooks. Use these hooks to support mirrors and framed art, even relatively heavy pieces.
  4. Waterfall racks. Hung apparel is more visible and accessible with these multi-space racks, which project out from the wall.
  5. Cap racks. These wire racks can be used to display an entire wall of colorful caps and hats, with team logos or other insignia clearly displayed.
  6. Necklace displays. In either a multi-hook format or using a neck form, these accessories set your jewelry items off against a velvet background for maximum visual interest and appeal.
  7. Mirror attachments. Handy for any department where shoppers may need to see themselves—jewelry, sunglasses or apparel.
  8. Literature accessories. These acrylic racks are perfectly sized to hold booklets and magazines, product brochures, credit and warranty information, or any other printed materials for your customers.
  9. Baskets and bins. Whether made of wire or acrylic, these containers make great receptacles for bulk merchandise and impulse buys that invite shoppers to reach in.

Slatwall accessories lend themselves easily to visual merchandising, keeping items at the right height, in the right light and arranged for maximum visibility and customer interaction. Slatwall is the perfect option for many kinds of businesses.

A Host of Other Uses

While slatwall panels and accessories are ideal for retail merchandising, they can also have other great uses—even in the home and office. Consider these applications:

  1. Workshop/workroom. Many people have pegboards and hooks over their basement workbench, but slatwall can provide even more flexibility and solidity for storing tools and materials safely and still within reach.
  2. Office. Imagine a flexible shelving or supply system near your printing/copying area, or in your mailing center.
  3. Kitchen. Wouldn’t an easy, space-saving place to store kitchen utensils be a welcome addition to any kitchen? How about an infinitely variable and expandable pantry?
  4. Garage. Slatwall is strong enough to support shelves and hooks for the storage of automotive gear, tools or sporting equipment. It will even support a canoe!
  5. Garden shed. If your shed is a jumble of garden tools, pots, bags of soil and fertilizer, think of the relief of finally getting it all organized. Slatwall fixtures can help.