About Gridwall


Making the best use of your retail space requires you to think inside the box, which is to say, with a focus on every usable area of your 3-dimensional space. Square footage is important, but don’t forget that you also have vertical space to play with when it comes to displaying your inventory.

Tebo is pleased to help retail businesses find ways to utilize more of their available space with a variety of valuable gridwall solutions that may be attached to walls or placed on bases for use on the floor. Our high-quality gridwalls are sturdy, long-lasting, and competitively priced to ensure you get the greatest use value from your foundational investments.

Are you looking for one-sided, two-sided, three-sided, or four-sided visibility? Do you want options for wall and floor displays? Is it imperative that displays are easy to move and reconfigure? Tebo has exactly what you’re looking for with gridwall options in black, white, and chrome to suit your branding and your retail design.

Tebo offers grids in a variety of sizes and configurations so every retail operation has access to flexible and scalable solutions. These can be affixed to walls or paired with a range of bases to create displays that can be viewed on 1-4 sides. From there, you simply have to add preferred hooks, shelves, baskets, and labels to complete your display space and begin adding merchandise.

With endless options to combine and configure grids throughout your retail space, you’re sure to find the solutions that allow you to creatively utilize your retail space and make the most of vertical display areas to add visual interest and highlight specific inventory. Tebo has the functional, durable, high-quality gridwall pieces you need at competitive rates, and you can easily create versatile, moveable displays with the right foundations, hardware, and accessories.

Your One-Stop Shop for Gridwall Merchandising Supplies

When it comes to creating the optimal retail space, there are many factors to consider; store size, store location, display organization, lights, and music are just a few of the important pieces for the owner or manager to choose. One of the key elements of optimizing your retail space, however, is making a point to utilize all of the areas you have available, including the walls and open floor spaces not taken up by large fixtures or furniture.  One of the most popular forms of wall and floor display for retail and other businesses is the gridwall fixture. Gridwall is a grid made of metal that can be hung or fixed anywhere you would like to display products, and it comes in a variety of different sizes. Typically, store owners will install hooks to their gridwall panels in order to hang their products, and the hooks can be moved around to edit the displays at the owner’s discretion.

One of the reasons why retail owners prefer gridwall over other types of hanging wall displays is its ability to be customized so easily. Using hooks to hang products or other displays is one great option, but you can also add signs, baskets, shelves, and other gridwall accessories to make your product wall more pleasing to the eye as well as vary the types of products you are able to display on a single gridwall fixture.

Most retail stores offer a huge array of products, and as the owner you’ll want to display everything possible in order to boost sales and keep your customer base interested. Gridwall is the tool you need to make the most of all of the space in your store in order to maximize product display while giving you the freedom to change or customize your displays as you see fit. Gridwall panels make the utilization of your retail wall and standing fixture space a hassle-free and even creative experience.

In order to amplify the success of your gridwall fixtures within your retail space, Tebo proudly offers an expansive selection of gridwall merchandising supplies and accessories including:

  1. Racks
  2. Shelves
  3. Label holders
  4. Bases
  5. Joining clips
  6. And more

Many of these accessories come in multiple styles and sizes to perfectly fit your needs and the dimensions of your retail space.

The Importance of Visual Merchandising

Merchandising is defined as the steps a business owner takes to promote their goods and encourage sales once the potential customer has already entered the store. Merchandising includes the layout of the products, use of mannequins, signs, and any other distinctive features of the place of business. Visual merchandising refers to any type of merchandising that relies on customer gaze, and good visual merchandising is considered one of the most important aspects of a successful retail business.

People are hard-wired to make snap judgements based on the things they see and what they perceive them to mean. Color-coded or complimentary colored displays, clear and interesting signage, a well-organized store layout, and well-dressed employees can heavily imply to a potential customer that the store is high-quality and trustworthy without any verbal salesmanship at all. A unique and pleasing aesthetic is also one of the best ways to develop brand loyalty among your customer base. Visual appeal is what gets customers into the store, and well-organized, high-quality products displayed nicely are what inspire them to make a purchase.

When it comes to maintaining high visual appeal in your retail space, you can’t go wrong with gridwall. Owning or managing any type of store is incredibly stressful work that comes with many different responsibilities, so you’ll love how easy gridwall paneling is to install and how little maintenance it requires wherever you’re looking to add a new display. Additionally, gridwall can easily fit into your visual display budget with affordable prices as well as low-cost shipping.

With its modern and minimalist look, gridwall paneling fits seamlessly into the design of any retail space and won’t take any attention away from your products. When compared to other retail display options, gridwall boasts many benefits that retail store owners enjoy, such as:

  1. A lightweight design
  2. Durability
  3. Easy installation
  4. Option for stand-alone fixture or wall mount
  5. Available in a variety of sizes
  6. Supports a multitude of accessories
  7. And many more

Though visual display materials like gridwall are typically used in retail or other business spaces, gridwall can also be used in the home to display personal goods as well as on the road at events like trade shows or flea markets. Tebo offers all of the gridwall paneling fixtures and accessories you’ll need for any type of visual display in any environment. Wherever you need a lightweight visual display with a variety of hooking, shelving, and labeling options, our wide selection of gridwall paneling will get the job done right.