About Display Cases

Display Cases

In a retail environment, it’s wise to have display options that offer multi-purpose appeal. Display cases are an ideal solution, providing a means of showcasing wares and keeping them secure, but also acting as physical barriers that help to delineate space in your store.

A display counter could also act as your point of sale, housing your cash register and serving as prominent placement for popular items. Display towers can help to elevate primary wares to eye level or place them above other displays like gondolas or clothing racks for increased visibility.

When seeking suitable display cases, you’ll find that Tebo offers a wide selection of versatile options at competitive rates, ensuring you get the quality, longevity, and value you prefer. Our display cases are ideal for all types of retail operations, including those specializing in apparel, electronics, collectibles, housewares, and more. Every business has high-cost items they want on prominent, but secure display, and Tebo has targeted solutions, including showcases, towers, and countertop displays.

Showcases are perfect for high-value items like jewelry or electronics that you want to show off, but secure against the threat of shoplifting. Adjustable shelving allows you to configure your displays as you see fit, while rear access limits who can get to valuable items.

By setting up multiple showcases in a line, L-shaped, U-shaped, or other configuration, you can create your ideal POS setup, with displays that attract customers and the number of registers needed to manage sales volume. You can also add display towers throughout your space to draw attention, drive traffic, and highlight new, seasonal, or high-value wares.

Countertop display cases are perfect for smaller items or goods you want customers to consider as last-minute, impulse buys, and you can also use clear glass or acrylic cubes on countertops or pedestals to highlight particular items of interest. When you need the perfect combination of display cases for your retail location, Tebo has the selection you need at competitive rates.

Let’s Talk About Retail Display Cases

Interactive and exciting retail displays are becoming a part of the modern shopping experience. Retail display cases are an easy way to create an attention-grabbing space for all different types of products.

Tebo Fixtures can tailor your units to fit your industry’s specific needs. Our glass cases are fully customizable. You can change and update everything from shelving sizes and shelf brackets to custom case lighting and easy to remove accessories. Your loyal customer base will love coming back again and again to interact with your ever-changing merchandise display.

We have an extensive catalog of affordable and durable display case types for your space. Here’s a few of our most popular display types our customers have enjoyed over the years:

Wall Cases and Towers - Wall cases and tower units are a great freestanding, all-in-one retail solution for items you really want to show off. Our 6’ tall glass towers have built-in lighting, multiple shelves for displaying items and are perfect for housing memorabilia or collectibles.

Glass and Counter Displays -Glass showcases and counter displays make the most of interactive sales. Your sales team will enjoy having a dedicated counter with plenty of surface area to show off your items and your customers will love having the ability to engage with your products and see them come to life. Countertop displays are the perfect solution to house items that will keep customers engaged while shopping and can help boost sales during check out.

Checkout Counters and Register Stands - Customized checkout counters and register stands will guarantee a smooth transaction experience for your customers. Our catalog of checkout counters include options that can fit any point of sale system or industry need.

Corner Fillers- Corner fillers are a space saving solution that can maximize your store location footprint and expand your retail area. Our corner fillers are also a functional solution at home. Adding a cabinet to your dining room or living room is the perfect way to display cherished treasures.

Accessories- The combinations of add-on accessories to present your products are endless. Tebo knows every industry is different and we offer a range of ways to best display your unique items. The type of merchandise you are displaying determines which case lighting options, shelf brackets, locks and hardware will be best for you.

A Quick Breakdown of the Benefits of Retail Display Cases in Your Store

Retail display cases are one of the easiest, most versatile and really exciting ways to upgrade your customer’s shopping experience. We’ve listed here what we believe to be some of the major benefits of utilizing display cases in your store.

Versatile Customization Options- Display cases come in almost every size and shape you can think of to match any room size, shape, décor, style or theme. Tebo has helped store owners from around the world pick out the perfect showcases for their individual venues. We have worked with our customers to find unique merchandise solutions for gift shops, convenience stores, department stores, jewelry stores, electronics and device retailers, dispensaries, clothing stores and lots of other specialized retail locations.

Show Off Your Stuff- One of the simplest ways to draw attention to items in your store is to put them in an all glass display case. Your customers will get an unobstructed view of your merchandise when you have it well displayed in a glass showcase. When they can see your merchandise they are more likely to initiate a purchase from one of your staff members.

Quality, Affordable Cases, Built to Last - Your staff open and close the display units in your store all day, and because of that they need to be built to withstand heavy use. All of Tebo’s retail display cases are strong and sturdy, built with heavy-duty use hardware. Our display cases are durable and affordable. Day in and day out you can count on them to protect your valuables and merchandise.

Easy Access Equal Easy Sales- Your staff will have quick and easy access to show merchandise to customers over the counter. Display cases with multiple level shelving, rear access doors and generous counter space make it easy for your sales team to assist customers and show off your merchandise.

The Ultimate Protection for Your Irreplaceable Items - Retail display cases with lockable doors keep valuable merchandise and irreplaceable items safe from theft or accidental damage while they are being handled by customers and sales staff. Extra secure hardware and durable locks ensure your items are kept safe.

Your Treasured Valuables Deserve a Home- Glass display cases are one of the most popular ways to organize and showcase valuable and delicate items in more places than just commercial businesses. Glass cases will protect the heirlooms, fine china and beloved keepsakes your family will enjoy for years to come. Trophies, rare collectibles and memorabilia can have their value preserved when kept protected inside a glass display case. Tebo Fixtures can help outfit your home, school, attraction or other venue with the perfect solution for your priceless treasures.