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Apparel Display Fixtures

If you sell apparel, accessories, and more at your retail location, you’ll need a variety of apparel display fixtures to present your wares to the best possible advantage. Tebo is your preferred partner, with a wide selection of mannequins, torso forms, counter displays, clothing racks, hangars, tags, and other items needed to showcase goods, facilitate browsing, and create a productive shopping experience.

Tebo not only provides the support fixtures needed to ensure consumers find your displays engaging, but we’re pleased to offer competitive rates, so you enjoy the value and convenience your business expects. Our vast selection of quality apparel display fixtures delivers utility, longevity, and versatility, all at affordable pricing you’re sure to appreciate.

Whether your retail space is large or small, we have suitable solutions for attractive displays that maximize available space and allow for flexibility and scalability. Male and female mannequins in different poses offer unique styling capabilities that add visual interest to your store and provide opportunities to show shoppers how to wear your most popular items. Torso forms are also a great way to help customers understand what tops will look like on the body, instead of just draped on a hanger.

Of course, you’ll also need clothing racks, hangars, sizers, and tags to stock sufficient inventory and help customers find the specific products that meet their individual needs. Tebo also offers bins, display racks, slatwall panels, counter displays, and more so you have options to use all available space to display your apparel and accessories.

A variety of apparel display fixtures from Tebo can help you to use your square footage effectively, whether you operate a large retail clothing store or a small boutique. Single-bar, double-bar, 4-arm, rolling, and round clothing racks ensure you have every angle covered, and you can add mannequins and accessory displays for visual interest and to complete your layout and design.