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Our "go-to" store!

Tebo has become our "go-to" store! Donna is always really helpful over the phone. She lets me know right away if everything I need is in stock and helps me order and get back to work quickly. The driver (I can't recall his name) who delivered our slatwall was exceptionally helpful as well. He helped haul our entire order up a flight of stairs, which was not easy!

Dena K.
SO glad I found this place!

I am SO glad I found this place!!! They had EVERYTHING I needed, their service was great and even the young men helping me load it all were personable and helpful! This will be the only place we buy anything for our store from now on!!!!

Rebecca Clark
I LOVE Tebos

I LOVE Tebos, I've been going for years. They recently went through a change in management which definitely has the company headed in a great direction. Their staff is knowledgeable and very accommodating, they genuinely want to help you outfit your store and are the best in the business.

Cameron P.
Thanks for all your help!

Carolyn stayed on top of our emails and had immediate answers for me. Thank you Carolyn for all of your help!!!

Jody W.

Retail Store Supplies

A forward-thinking retail space that meets the needs of modern customers is essential to creating an atmosphere that invites shoppers in and encourages them to interact with your brand in positive and successful ways.  Creating an experience is about more than just the merchandise you sell; it’s about how you display it to engage customers and elicit an emotional connection.

Tebo proudly offers a wide range of retail store supplies to help you display your merchandise to the best advantage.  Our practical and aesthetically pleasing products are designed to enhance every display so you can create an inviting and immersive retail space.  Our products include:


At Tebo, we understand that you need versatile retail store supplies that meet functional needs, provide options for flexible and scalable layout and design, and offer lasting visual appeal.  We’re pleased to meet and exceed your every need with a vast array of display fixtures designed to improve the form and function of your retail space.

There’s more to Tebo than superior retail display products.  We’re also serious about customer satisfaction, which is why we go above and beyond to supply the service you deserve.  We want to provide you with the same positive experience you strive to offer your own customers.  Whether you call us with questions or stop by our showroom, we’re happy to help you find the perfect foundational pieces for your retail displays.

Merchandising Display Supplies

On a basic level, merchandising is about displaying your wares to the best advantage in order to encourage sales, but there’s a lot more to it than how you fold a sweater or stack boxes.  There’s a psychological component that requires you to put a lot of thought into layout and design, placement of goods, and of course, how you set up your merchandising displays.

Tebo is your ace in the hole, thanks to a wide array of display products, as well as the expertise to help you find the perfect foundational pieces to showcase your goods to the best advantage and engage with customers.  The way you drive traffic through your store and decide what customers will see and how they encounter it can create a powerful experience.

You want your space to be invite customers in, encourage interaction, and compel certain behaviors (lingering, making purchases, etc.).  With the right merchandising fixtures and display options from Tebo, you have the best opportunity to achieve your retail goals.  

More importantly, however, we provide needed expertise.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re happy to deliver personalized customer care, helping you to find the perfect solutions for your every merchandising need.  Stop by our showroom to check out our display products or contact us remotely to learn more from our friendly and experienced sales representatives.

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