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Tebo Store Fixtures offers you merchandise bags in a variety of sizes and materials. Tough and dependable plastic merchandise bags come in various colors. Tebo Store Fixtures’ zip-lock merchandise bags keep small retail accessories together. Paper merchandise bags offer a friendly touch for you and your customers.

Tebo Store Fixtures offers a variety of gift bags, the classic choice for every successful boutique or specialty store. Gift bags come in various sizes and materials, and your customers will depart with a sense of sophistication.

Plastic T-shirt bags come in an array of colors, and are a great low-cost retailer solution. With strong handle holes, they endure a long day of shopping. Ideal for clothing or other soft items, plastic T-shirt bags prove to be a reliable, smart option for any retail store, exhibitor stand or grocery store owner.

A bag is not just a bag. Bags play an important part of the shopping experience. Once you place your merchandise into a bag and say goodbye to the customer, that bag begins to work. Bags serve as the carriers of your merchandise; the scout that must safely transport the merchandise to its new home; the silent ambassador of your company. The bag can’t weaken, tear, or drop its haul during the journey. The bag that your customer takes home represents your retail store’s worth. And once the bag has delivered the goods safely to its destination, it should find another use for your customer, intact and durable.

Tebo Store Fixtures carries bags that meet all your needs: whether you sell bits and bobs that need to be sealed in a merchandise bag, clothing that needs to be packed into a plastic T-shirt bag or delicate merchandise that needs to be placed into a gift bag, Tebo Store Fixtures has the bag for you. 

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