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Digital Signage


What is digital signage, digital signage can be simply defined as any digital display that displays multimedia content for informational or advertising purposes. Digital signage is everywhere from fast food restaurants, gate information screens at airports, to your self service kiosks at your local theater. There are endless uses for digital signage and they can be adapted to fit any business and audience.


From Museums to Gas Stations, Tebo has the expertise to match the right product with what you need. Click on above images to see examples of our work.


Digital signage products and solutions not only engage customers but have been proven to uplift sales when displaying promotions, advertising, cross-selling, and target marketing. Our products and solutions operate efficiently, are easy to integrate into current systems and can be remotely managed to keep things fresh from wherever your systems are managed.


Digital Screens: Tebo works with most major screen manufacturers to offer a variety of screen sizes and prices. From 24" to 70" we will find you a digital screen to fit your budget and needs.


Viewsonic 43" Full HD Display

The ViewSonic CDE4302 is a 43’’ Full HD commercial display, offering the combination of cost-efficiency and ease of installation for corporate, retail and hospitality environments. Integrated with an embedded media player, the CDE4302 is able to easily playback high definition messaging via USB port. Versatile connectivity options also include 2 HDMI ports, VGA, RS232 and SPDIF.
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LG 4K Displays offer superb color, resolutions, and functionality.With the resolution that is four times higher than HD, LG's 4K digital screens makes colors and detail more vivid and realistic which are guaranteed to catch your customers attention. In addition with LG's IPS wide viewing angle makes sure that your customers will be able to see the content no matter where they are in your store. No need for an external player with LG's high perfomance Web OS. LG offers you the most reliable and beautiful screens.
LG 49" 4K Display

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LG 55" 4K Display

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The NEC A Series LED poster is designed to provide attention-grabbing, high contrast images at nearly any viewing distance. This LED poster delivers vibrant and colorful content visualization and is ideal for viewing from several feet away. The LED poster is a turnkey solution that is designed for fast and easy setup, with its built-in media player, lightweight and maneuverable footprint (70lbs / 35mm depth), and its front serviceable design. This package includes a floor stand and hanging mount. It is also has a lightweight and thin design for easy set up and maneuverability.

Sharp 75" Direct View 756x224 Resolution
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Sharp 75" Direct View 972x288 Resolution
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