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Digital Signage


Digital Signage

Retail locations need all kinds of signage, from open/closed signs that indicate shopping hours, to temporary signage offering information about specials and sales, to modern digital signage that elevates messaging and caters to consumer expectations. Tebo can meet your needs on every score, and we’re pleased to offer the latest technologies in digital signage for the benefit of your company and your customers.

Digital signage is more than just a modern, flat screen monitor and the hardware required to install it and get it working. You need to know how to use this technology to the best effect, which is why Tebo supplies training classes and technical support.

Although digital signage is more expensive than traditional printed signs, Tebo offers competitive pricing and extras that add value to your purchase. Plus, you’re going to save in the long run, thanks to signage that delivers the versatility of easy adjustment. Whereas you might typically replace print signage annually, seasonally, or during special events like sales, digital signage can save you the hassle and expense of creating these signs and frequently replacing them.

We’ll train you to use the software to create attractive visual displays that convey your messaging to shoppers. Even better, you can adjust this messaging with ease, managing your content via plug-and-play programming that works with your computer, tablet, and smartphone. In minutes, you could have new content streaming live, in-store, for your customers to enjoy.

Digital signage not only allows you to promote in-store messaging, but also to create a mood with digital layout and design or even video content. You can also monitor your feed in real-time with the provided dashboard and get email notifications for a variety of occurrences.

Are you looking for a better way to provide shoppers with information and entertainment? Digital signage options from Tebo offer the best opportunity to upgrade your signage and save time and money in the long run.