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Grid Panels of assorted dimensions and colors can be mounted vertically or horizontally to fit your space. It is heavier in weights yet easy to use.

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Making the best use of your retail space requires you to think inside the box, which is to say, with a focus on every usable area of your 3-dimensional space. Square footage is important, but don’t forget that you also have vertical space to play with when it comes to displaying your inventory.

Tebo is pleased to help retail businesses find ways to utilize more of their available space with a variety of valuable gridwall solutions that may be attached to walls or placed on bases for use on the floor. Our high-quality gridwalls are sturdy, long-lasting, and competitively priced to ensure you get the greatest use value from your foundational investments.

Are you looking for one-sided, two-sided, three-sided, or four-sided visibility? Do you want options for wall and floor displays? Is it imperative that displays are easy to move and reconfigure? Tebo has exactly what you’re looking for with gridwall options in black, white, and chrome to suit your branding and your retail design.

Tebo offers grids in a variety of sizes and configurations so every retail operation has access to flexible and scalable solutions. These can be affixed to walls or paired with a range of bases to create displays that can be viewed on 1-4 sides. From there, you simply have to add preferred hooks, shelves, baskets, and labels to complete your display space and begin adding merchandise.

With endless options to combine and configure grids throughout your retail space, you’re sure to find the solutions that allow you to creatively utilize your retail space and make the most of vertical display areas to add visual interest and highlight specific inventory. Tebo has the functional, durable, high-quality gridwall pieces you need at competitive rates, and you can easily create versatile, moveable displays with the right foundations, hardware, and accessories.