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Slatwall Weight Limits

Depending on the merchandise you carry, you may want to have stronger or sturdier slatwall to display your items. Metal inserts certainly create stronger slatwall. However, field installed metal inserts are different from factory installed metal inserts. Field installed metal inserts are smaller to fit normal slatwall; by adding these inserts, space for your fixtures and shelves is reduced and may not even fit!

When installed at the factory, metal inserts are accounted for and more space is provided. Factory installed metal inserts fit most slatwall accessories. Regardless, both types of metal inserts strengthen your slatwall.

Weight Limits For Slatwall

Horizontal Systems
Slatwall 3"o/c with 2000 / 5000 series field installed aluminum inserts (single point load 6" off panel face)
15kg or 30lbs
Slatwall 3"o/c with 7000 series factor installed aluminum inserts (single point load 6" off panel face)
35kg or 75lbs

These are recommended maximum loads per holder. Your results may vary depending on the accessory arm selected, load positioning, substrate material and attachment method, etc.

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