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Horizontal Slatwall Panel Format:

  • 4’ x 8’ - 3” on-center grooves
    (48”H x 96”W x 3/4”T).
  • Long edges have half groove to facilitate concealed joints and vertical stacking.
  • Short edges (48”) are square cut.
horizontal slatwall layout

Vertical Slatwall Panel Format:

  • 8’ x 4’ - 3” on-center grooves
    (96”H x 48”W x 3/4”T).
  • All edges are square cut.
vertical slatwall layout

Custom Panel Size

Custom sizes available up to 5' x 10' or 10' x 5' Custom edge machining available. Custom grooving and groove spacing available. Custom slot lengths and spacing available.
custom slatwall capabilities


Panels can be cut to any dimension less than 120” and grooves placed in any arrangement. We can meet any need within dimensional specifications noted above.

Machining Options

Standard groove: 3" o/c Optional groove spacing available. Examples include 4", 6", 8", 12" o/c Grid any on center groove (groove in both directions). Horizontal and vertical patterns are available as well as curves and irregular shapes. Edge machining for both decorative and installation purposes are available to help you minimize jobsite fabrication. Special tenons, rabbets, borings, mortising or other machining is available upon request.

Additional Slatwall Groove Options

measuring slatwall grooves dado cut slotwall two sided slatwall radius corner slatwall
Distance between grooves is measured from the center of each groove. Dado cuts and other types of customized machining are available. Grooves can be placed on both sides of the panels. Edge machining and radius corners can help minimize job site work.

Slatwall Panel Groove Options

2000 Series Slatwall Medium duty-aluminum. 2000 Series Slatwall
Medium duty-aluminum inserts mill finish.
Field install.
* For Metal accessories only.
2000 Series Slatwall Painted grooves. 2000 Series Slatwall
Painted grooves.
Factory painted.
2000 Series Slatwall Vinyl colorsnaps 2000 Series Slatwall
Vinyl colorsnaps - white, red,
platinum, black, ivory.
Field install.
2000 Series Slatwall Vinyl trimstrips 2000 Series Slatwall
Vinyl trimstrips - white, black.
Field install.
7000 Series Slatwall Medium duty-aluminum 7000 Series Slatwall
Medium duty-aluminum
inserts mill, black.
Factory installed.
5000 Series Slatwall Light duty-vinyl inserts. 5000 Series Slatwall
Light duty-vinyl inserts
white, black.
Factory installed.
1000 Series Slatwall Light duty-holds. 1000 Series Slatwall
Light duty-holds 1/4”
glass or acrylic shelving.
Factory installed.

Slatwall Panel Trim

A770 Aluminum Edge 1/2” x 13/16“ x 96” Mill Finish A770 Aluminum Edge
1/2” x 13/16“ x 96”
Mill Finish
A760 Aluminum Inside/Outside Corner 1” x 1” x 96” Mill Finish A760 Aluminum
Inside/Outside Corner
1” x 1” x 96”
Mill Finish
W770 Wood Edge 9/16” x 1“ x 96” Field Finish W770 Wood Edge
9/16” x 1“ x 96”
Field Finish
P770 PVC Edge 7/8” x 1/3” x 96” D100 White D101 Black D109 Gray V-67 PVC Edge
7/8” x 1/3” x 96”
D101N Black V67
D109N Gray V67
D100N White V67
P760 PVC Inside/Outside Corner 1 3/8” x 1 3/8” x 96” D100 White D109 Gray P760 PVC
Inside/Outside Corner
1 3/8” x 1 3/8” x 96”
D100 White
D109 Gray

Screw-In Installation

By far the most common and simple installation, screw-in installation simply involves leveling out your slatwall and screwing it into a stud in your wall. Make sure to correctly line up your slatwall and level it out for a good clean look.

Slatwall Screw-In Installation Image

Installing Slatwall In Concrete And Brick

The instructions above apply to most drywall situations. When installing slatwall into concrete, cinder blocks, or brick, you will need to get more creative. You can do this in a couple ways. Tebo recommends building a fake wall or a furred out wall, then installing your slatwall as described above. This technique takes up room, but saves your wall from being drilled into.

Alternatively, you can install your slatwall directly into the brick or concrete by aligning your slatwall and pre-drilling your holes. Then you will need to take your slatwall down and widen the holes if necessary. To complete the install, you will need to either use wall anchors or specialty concrete nails.

While this method is effective at installing, it does create holes the wall behind the slatwall and can take much longer.

Rail Installation

A less popular rail bar installation system is usually used in specific cases. Heavier metal slatwall needs a more robust attachment system, thus a rail bar installation. Smaller pieces of slatwall that may be moved or taken up and down frequently (such as a display piece) may also use a rail bar installation system.

It starts with screwing the Panel Bar into studs in your wall. Then screw in Mounting Track to the slatwall with pre-drilled holes. Next, mount the slatwall on the rail. Four-inch extensions are available if needed.

The Panel Bar comes in silver powder coat color. and the Mounting Track available in steel, silver, and powder coat.

Slatwall Rail Installation Diagram


It is always important to be safe while installing slatwall. Make sure you practice proper safety when installing heavy or potentially dangerous materials.

Depending on the merchandise you carry, you may want to have stronger or sturdier slatwall to display your items. Metal inserts certainly create stronger slatwall. However, field installed metal inserts are different from factory installed metal inserts. Field installed metal inserts are smaller to fit normal slatwall; by adding these inserts, space for your fixtures and shelves is reduced and may not even fit!

When installed at the factory, metal inserts are accounted and more space is provided. Factory installed metal inserts fit most slatwall accessories. Regardless, both types of metal inserts strengthen your slatwall.

Weight Limits For Slatwall

Single Point Systems


Ipuc 10 (varies upon accessory arm selected) 10kg or 22 lbs
Ipuc 25 (varies upon accessory arm selected) 25kg or 55lbs
Spot 12 (varies upon accessory arm selected) 10kg or 22 lbs
Spot 25 (varies upon accessory arm selected) 25kg or 55lbs
Slotted Panel (3" length x 6" vertical spacing) 5kg or 11lbs

Horizontal Systems


Slatwall 3"o/c 2000 / 5000 series (single point load 6" off panel face) 15kg or 30lbs
Slatwall 3"o/c 7000 series (single point load 6" off panel face) 35kg or 75lbs
Slatwall 6"o/c Insert 101 (Temp glass shelf 24x10x.25) 8kg or 17lbs

Vertical Systems


Fixo (varies upon accessory arm selected) 2kg - 40 kg or 4lbs - 88lbs
Global (varies upon accessory arm selected) 2kg - 40 kg or 4lbs - 88lbs

Floor Fixture Systems


Xpuc 10kg or 22 lbs
Slatwall See Horizontal

These are recommended maximum loads per holder. Your results may vary depending on the accessory arm selected, load positioning, substrate material and attachment method, etc.

While slatwall is durable and long-lasting, you can extend the useful lifetime and preserve the finish with a bit of maintenance.

Respect the Weight Limits

Slatwall is strong - especially if you opt for metal inserts. If you are displaying heavy items on your slatwall (such as leather jackets, large shelves, or tires) Tebo recommends getting slatwall with factory installed metal inserts. Factory installed metal inserts provide additional strength and allow for most shelf types to still be used*. Respecting your slatwall's weight limits, will not over-strain the fixture, which can cause cracks that ruin your slatwall. See our slatwall weight limits page for additional information.

Clean Every Year

Cleaning your slatwall may be necessary from time to time. Follow these steps to clean your slatwall and keep it looking good. Test your cleaner on a small part of the slatwall to be sure it does not cause damage.** Always use soft and clean cloth when cleaning your slatwall.

  1. Safely remove shelves and fixtures from your slatwall.
  2. Clear dust and debris on and within your slatwall with a duster and / or a vacuum.
  3. Use a mild cleaner sprayed on a cloth to gently clean your slatwall.
  4. Rinse your slatwall with a clean damp cloth (use warm water).
  5. Dry your slatwall with paper towels or a dry cloth.
  6. Clean and replace your slatwall shelves and fixtures.

*Field installed inserts are designed to fit into normal-sized slatwall, while factory installed metal inserts account for the extra room that the insert takes up. Field installed inserts may take up too much room and not allow for some fixtures to fit in slatwall with newly-added inserts.
**Tebo is not responsible for cleaning issues or damage.

Retail Slatwall

Slatwall Panels and Fixtures

Slatwall is constructed of panels with gaps and optional trim where display accessories are inserted. Make the best and most unique displays for your store with acrylic and other slatwall accessories. Slatwall cleanly displays all types of merchandise, large and small. Slatwall shelves, brackets, and accessories create your store. Use Tebo Store Fixtures’ shelf rests for extra support with larger items. Rails are ideal for clothing displays. You can attach rails to your slatwall with Tebo Store Fixtures’ round tube hangrail bracket.

Slatwall Towers

Slatwall towers are easy to move and a great option for small stores that don’t have a lot of room. Tebo Store Fixtures supplies square, triangle, and revolving slatwall towers. Tebo Store Fixtures even supplies two-sided slatwall towers. Slatwall towers can be made with cabinets beneath them. You can attach arms and face-outs to display merchandise like gloves, electronic goods, and baskets. Modular Tebo Store Fixtures’ slatwall towers and gondolas are a fundamental piece for exhibiting your goods.

Slatwall Investment

Slatwall is a great investment in your store. As the foundations for your merchandise, slatwall is an excellent piece of store visual marketing. It optimizes retail surface and grants you the ability to custom design your own product display. Have fun with the possibilities. Attract customers' attention by placing key items up high at eye level, or move shelves and display accessories around to fit different items. With a smart product display, you can maximize profits and grow and simultaneously to improve store appearance.

A Client Favorite

Slatwall has been a favorite among Tebo Store Fixtures’ clients for years, and there’s a reason why: the flexibility to redo store interior, refresh retail design, and update store product set-up with easy to install displays, shelves, and brackets.

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